About So Fresh Salads

SoFresh was founded in 2013 around one idea: Eating With A Purpose.

We get it. You are a hardworking person with a full schedule. Finding the time to cook your own meals is hard. You already have a packed work schedule, you have friends and family to keep up with, and maybe even some health and wellness goals to focus on.

You want to eat right, you want nutrient-rich meals that you feel good about.

The harsh truth is that you end up choosing a familiar unhealthy option... because it’s fast and because it’s cheap.

This is where SoFresh comes in. Our mission is simple…

To help you eat right, save time, and feel healthy.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or trying to achieve your ideal body, SoFresh offers the nutrient-dense combinations of flavor-rich ingredients that you will have to taste to believe. We know that when you eat right you feel better about yourself. Not only are you fully satisfied, you have just enjoyed a meal with a purpose. A meal loaded with the nutrients you need to get closer to the body you’re looking to achieve.

Each bowl we make is built around a specific set of lifestyle benefits. Benefits like torching unwanted body fat, providing a fresh flood of antioxidants, or maintaining hard-earned lean muscle mass.

What are you waiting for?

Visit a So Fresh location today.