SoFresh Signature  7.5   
Spring mix with goat cheese, avocado, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, shredded carrots, raisins, pistachios, fresh herb vinaigrette

Arugula  6.5
Arugula, apples, avocado, goat cheese, sunflower seeds, fat free orange balsamic dressing

Granny Gorgonzola  7
Baby spinach with Gorgonzola, crumbled bacon, green apples, cranberries, walnuts, maple balsamic vinaigrette

*SoChopped  9  
Turkey and ham with romaine, our house pasta salad, sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, and swiss all chopped with balsamic vinaigrette


Weekend in Tijuana  7.5
Romaine with pepper jack, black beans, diced tomato, corn, guacamole, red salsa,  crushed tortilla chips, avocado ranch

Endless Summer  6.5
Spring mix with Gorgonzola, strawberries, green apples, mandarin oranges, grapes, walnuts, strawberry poppy seed vinaigrette.

Simple Caesar  6
Romaine with Parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing

Mediterranean  7
Spring mix and baby spinach with feta, sliced tomato, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, bell peppers, Italian dressing

Chicken House 6.75
Iceberg and romaine with all natural grilled chicken, white cheddar, cucumber, sliced tomatoes, carrots, onions, croutons and ranch dressing.


Avocado – 1         Red quinoa – 2

Sautéed seasonal vegetables – 1.65 

All natural grilled chicken breast – 2.5

Greek yogurt tuna or chicken salad – 2.5

All natural turkey and/or ham – 2.5

Portobello mushroom – 3.5       Organic tofu – 2.5

Peeled shrimp – 4      Fresh salmon – 5

Bistro chuck steak – 5       Seared ahi tuna – 6



Boca Fiesta Burrito  7.5
Shredded chicken with goat cheese, mushrooms, jalapeños, onions, corn, salsa and spinach heated and wrapped in a flour tortilla (spicy)

*Turkey Pesto Club  8
All natural oven roasted turkey on multigrain slice with swiss, bacon, iceberg, tomato, and basil pesto

The Classic  6
Our Greek yogurt tuna or chicken salad on multigrain slice with iceberg, tomato, and honey mustard

Chicken Sha-war-ma  6
Grilled all natural chicken on a pita with feta, cucumber, tomato, iceberg, tahini and Greek yogurt

*World Famous Shrimp Wrap  8
Peeled shrimp on whole wheat wrap with braised red cabbage, salsa, avocado

*Steak Dijon  9
Bistro chuck steak cooked medium on white wrap with parmesan, bacon, arugula, red onion, greek yogurt and dijon mustard


Grilled Veggie Wrap  6
Zucchini, squash, red bell pepper, spinach, red onion, sunflower seeds with hummus and honey on whole-wheat wrap

Portobello Goat Cheese Wrap  7.5
Locally grown portobello in spinach warp with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, caramelized red onion, and balsamic glaze

*add side for $1
*add soup for $3
*add 16 oz smoothie for $3


Lays classic, Sun Chips – $1
Veggie Chips – $1.65
Other: – House Salad, Caesar Salad, Fruit cup, Sautéed Seasonal Veggies- $1.65

You Pick 2: half salad, half sandwich, soup or
smoothie.  *no custom builds
with Soup $7
without Soup $8
*premium sandwiches +$1


Tuna Poké  11
Seared ahi tuna, white rice, cucumbers, apples, braised cabbage, spicy ying yang sauce (spicy)

BBQ Chicken  8
All natural shredded chicken breast, brown rice, corn, black beans, onions, pepperjack, light BBQ dressing

Superfood Salmon  12
Fresh salmon, red quinoa, tomatoes, broccoli, walnuts, avocado, honey orange vinaigrette

Breakfast  6
Bacon, poached eggs, tomato, American cheese, brown rice

Vegan  8
Organic tofu on red quinoa and brown rice with onions, bell peppers, chickpeas, tomatoes, fat free orange balsamic dressing

Asian Stir Fry 11
Bistro chuck steak or peeled shrimp over white rice with sautéed bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, onions with Thai peanut dressing and topped with wonton strips

Smoothies $5

Strawberry Colada
Strawberries, pineapple, coconut, lemonade

Surfer on Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Kale, pineapples, mangoes

Berry Clever
Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana

Ocean Sunset
Blueberries, mango, pineapple

Cucumber Refresh
Mango, pineapple, oranges, cucumbers

Just Pumped
Strawberries, banana, peanut butter

Pears, mangoes, pineapple

Supplements (add $1): cleanse cap, digest support, brain support, immune support, liver support, greens supplement, daily multi, quantum trim, whey peptein, flax seeds, chia seeds

Comfort Soups $4

Chicken Vegetable

Tomato Basil

Snacks $4

Parfait with granola, fruit and honey

Kale Crisps

Hummus with pita or veggies

Guacamole or salsa with tortilla chips

Seasonal Dessert

Kids $5
Kids 10 & under only. Comes with a side and small drink.

Kid’s chicken house salad, PB&J, grilled cheese, ham and/or turkey with cheese




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